Transoms, or Fanlights, are that little window above your front door that you’ll often see adorned with fancy gold house numbers. I love painting these, so if you would like to add some pizzazz to your front door please do drop me a line!

How they work

If you are interested in commissioning a transom number then please get in touch with any ideas that you have about what you might like; styles, colours, numerals or words, all that jazz and we can finalise a design with the help of mock ups to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

In order to make your door number I will need to come and make it straight onto the reverse of the glass above your door. Most designs can be made within a day, with a couple of numerals taking a few hours, to a full number and road name being closer to most of a day. More complicated designs may require a couple of visits to complete.

Price list

This is a basic price list for a simple style of lettering in 23 Carat Gold leaf, with a black shadow. Anything more complicated or involving custom colours may be different so please get in touch for a more accurate quote.

1 Numeral – £115
2 Numerals – £155
3 Numerals – £195

Add ‘No.’ – £40
Add Road Name – £90